Friday, September 28, 2012

Feeling Better

I am not sure what has happened to me in the last week or two. I am feeling much better physically and mentally. The debilitating pain that had me sidelined for months on end, has subsided to the point where I am actually exercising again. Which in itself is a major feel good moment.

I did make a few changes to certain aspects of my lifestyle. My diet is transforming on a daily basis. And I am wondering if that plays a significant role in the way I am feeling. Gone are my days of endlessly scarfing down chips, cookies and candy. Telling myself that it's acceptable to eat the stuff because I am going to exercise later. Then later comes and goes and no exercise has been done.

The opposite is happening now. I stick primarily to fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat like chicken breast and tuna, and have all but given up my junk food habit. Now don't get me wrong I have indulged in chips and sweets, I just have pared it down. I stick to snack size bags of chips and sweets like York Peppermint Patties.  And I most certainly don't do it everyday.

The pain in my foot like I said before, has had me sidelined for months. A excruciating pain that left me unwilling to even stand. Now, I am not only standing and walking, but I am doing so for far longer periods of time. I wonder if the glucosamine tablets that I have been taking for the last few weeks has had an impact on my arthritis. I can feel a substantial difference in the days since I started taking the supplement. And as the days come and go, my joints are feeling much better.

Whatever it is that is making me feel better, I have no intentions of stopping. I am bound and determined to win this fight for my health and well being.

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