Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another Day In My Life

So today started out normal enough, woke up, fixed my husbands lunch for work, drove my husband to work, stopped by the bank and returned home. Once I was back home I began to work on cleaning house and preparing breakfast for my kids. Then the phone rang and everything fell apart.

The phone call came from my stepdad to tell me I needed to get to my mothers house right away. My mother had fallen and had broken either her hip or her leg. And suddenly a sense of panic set it. The mind begins to play tricks on you and races to all of the horrific scenarios. And it is hard to not allow that fear to take over.

.So, I frantically looked for some clothes to throw on, then drove like a bat out of hell to her house only to discover that EMS had already taken her away. I had to drive to the local hospital where I now sit patiently in the waiting room to go back to see my mother. And I must say that it is agonizing not knowing how she is doing. I am praying that she is alright. And it seems as though that is all I can do is, pray and wait.


The BoBo said...

Good luck and I hope she is okay.

crazynlovemom said...

Thank you!!