Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hello Again

I have been gone for so long, and I want to say Hello again. I have been through some major changes in my life since I wrote last. But, I have held my head up high and kept on smiling.

The first of the changes has been to the size of my family. We have downsized from having a house that was bursting at the seams with kids to being a family of five. The changes have brought about dramatic change to the dynamics of my life. I have found myself lost in a sea of quiet solitude where once there was chaos. Admittedly I do rather enjoy the sense of calm that has engulfed my life. And, I have learned to adjust to the foreign nuances of life with just 3 kids.

The other major change has been to my personal life. I now find myself in foreign territory having been told that I might have cancer. My journey down this road began about three months ago. It started simply enough with a lump detected on my thyroid during a physical exam by my doctor. And quickly spiraled out of control into a dizzying array of tests. And culminated last week in the removal of half of my thyroid. Now, I am one day away from learning of my fate. Tomorrow I will learn for sure if the lump that was removed was indeed cancer. It has been a long week filled with pain. The surgery has left me with a feeling of uncertainty in my life. And I must admit that I do not care for feeling this way. I used to think that cancer was a tragedy that would not happen to me, but now I am not so sure.

So, I leave you now so I can rest. I will make sure to keep this updated more often.

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MsRay said...

Glad you're back in blogosphere. Take care and be well.