Friday, June 18, 2010

What Is Your Favorite TV Show?

My co workers and I were having a discussion about favorite TV shows today. I immediately thought of this show called Taxi. Hands down it was my favorite show from my childhood. I remember having the biggest crush on Tony Banta, ( played by Tony Danza). And this one episode still makes me crack up today.

Here is a video clip of that episode.

What were your favorites?


Megaman said...

I loved the sitcom coach, my wife and i are watching it again through netflix, funny as anything!

Don't really remember watching taxi, but we're always looking for a good new show to watch, will try it after coach.

Pookie said...

Not to make anyone feel old,I remember taxi from reruns it was a little bit before my time.I liked it because the doc from back to the future was on it.

Anyway, I was just doing my daily ecard drop run and thought Id comment on this interesting topic :P

My fav TV show of all time was the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air