Friday, May 28, 2010

More Self Aware

In recent weeks my husband and I have been working out with a personal trainer at our local rec center. And I must admit that in the last 5 weeks I have become more aware of my physical body. I notice the way my abdomen is flattening out and the way my clothes are starting to fit on me. And it has also opened my eyes to those around me also.

It's like someone has opened my eyes. Like turning on a light switch I see things so differently now. I look at people differently now also. And it seems that I listen more carefully to what people say also. I can't explain the change that is coming about in my life. And I certainly can not see where this is taking me yet.

While at work today, I was having a conversation with one of my fellow coworkers. We are partners in a weight loss challenge. And I wanted to see how she was doing with her workouts. This is when she informed me that she did not have time to workout anymore. I continued to talk to her to gauge what was her reason for the change. I wanted to see if I could motivate her to start again. And much to my disappointment I was unsuccessful. It's not that she doesn't have time for it, she just has lost interest in it and just does not want to do it anymore. Now naturally I became frustrated and blurted out to her, "if I have time to do it with my crazy schedule, you surely have no excuse." I did not mean it to come out in an offensive way, but it sure did. So, this is where I came to a new way of thinking. And this is what I came up with.
1. As a people we have become too accustomed to the sugar coated truth. And I intend to speak my mind more often. If it offends you, I make no apologies. If you don't like what I have to say, I suggest you suck it up and move on. I will not lie to satisfy your need for the sugar coated truth.
2. If I can do it.......So can you. I do not wish to hear about how you can't do something. I only want to hear about your successes in life. Even if you try at something and fail, it is better than choosing to whine and say you can't do something without first trying.

This way of thinking will now apply to all things in my life. I hope the journey down this new road in my life will be less bumpy than all the other roads in my life.


C.Bosco said...

I agree and disagree with no. 1 on account of possible consequences. E.g. when the philosopher Immanuel Kant was asked by a woman about happiness, he told her that it was inconsequential, and - if I remember correctly - she killed herself; sometimes how a message is delivered is important.

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