Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Home Sick And Now The Washer Quits....What Else Is Around The Corner?

O.k, so I called off of work today sick. I didn't think my coworkers would appreciate me spreading my sicko germs everywhere, so I stayed home. I am supposed to be resting right now, but I unable to sleep. So, here I sit in front of my computer writing this post. Typing away as I hack up a lung.

And if being sick wasn't bad enough.....my washer decided to stop working today. I guess it got tired of washing 6 to 7 loads a day. When it is supposed to agitate or spin to get the water out of the clothes, it just makes a horrible noise. Kind of sounds like it is going to explode at anytime. So, I guess it is time to send it to the retirement home for broken and unwanted appliances. Good bye my washer, you have served me well.

I have to admit that I had a good weekend overall. We took a leisurely drive through a park that had a holiday light display. Then we took the kids to see Santa. Finished up our shopping and spent some quality time with the kids. And with Christmas just 3 days away, I eagerly anticipate the looks on my kids faces when they open their gifts. And that my friends is all the medicine I need to fix being sick. So, hurry up and get here Christmas, I need a feel good fix and quick.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Alive And Kicking

I am sure many folks probably have given up on me by now, since it has been a few months since I posted last. But let me tell you that I am still here.

Life kind of took me for a ride down the bumpiest road ever. And it has finally started to slow down. From watching my sister in law hang near death, to struggling to deal with my depression. And that is just the beginning. I am hoping that the holidays will bring some much needed relief from the craziness. But it doesn't feel like it will.

I am struggling with my feelings of losing my dad on Christmas day last year. I cry a lot, and am really depressed. I wish I could fast forward through the next few weeks so I could make the pain go away, but that is just a pipe dream.

For now I will tie a knot in the end of my rope, and hang on for dear life.