Monday, July 6, 2009

My How They Love Their Donuts

Nine police officers in a small town in Michigan have a new claim to fame. And no it is not arresting a famous criminal or solving a crime. They now own the town donut shop.

When the owners of the Clare City Bakery were ready to throw in the towel, it was the cops to the rescue. All nine officers from the city police force chipped in and bought the business that had been in operation since 1896. And since it's Grand Opening on July 1, 2009, it is quickly becoming a hit. They have a line of merchandise with logos like "You have the right to be glazed" and "handcuffs and cream puffs". At this time the officers have no intentions on leaving their full time jobs. So, they hired a manager and some students from the local High School.

So, I bet your wondering where I am going with this story. Well, since I am on vacation this week, I plan on loading the kids into the car and taking a long drive into the countryside of Michigan. Clare is only a 3 hour drive for me. But for the donuts and merchandise I think it would be a fun trip.

So, if you ever happen to be in the Bay City area of Michigan take the short jog over to Clare and pick up some handcuffs and cream puffs. But don't forget you have the right to be glazed!!!

Visit The Cops & Doughnuts Website


Anonymous said...

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Becki said...

I never realized you were in Michigan (or close to it, anyway...).

Thanks for the heads-up on the cop donuts - we'll have to check it out next time we're in the area :)

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