Saturday, March 14, 2009

Man Am I Sore

Well I finally did it......I joined a gym. We couldn't wait to get started working out. I tried to start out slow but I am soooo sore.

I have forgotten one simple thing that must be done, stretching. I mainly walked the indoor track, but took a little time to lift some weights. But had to stop abruptly when my children were finished early. So I did not get the opportunity to stretch. And I am paying for it now. I am stiff as a board!!

Now we have come up with a schedule for going to the gym. And so far it looks like on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday I will be going to the gym. I am wondering if I should take one of those days and spend it doing a yoga or pilates class. Perhaps that will help to keep limber. But one thing is for sure, I will remember to stretch from now on.

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redb1ker said...

You just don't understand how much it affects our maleness to have a professional come to the house AND have to pay them to do something we don't know how to. Thank God for big box Do It Yourself stores. The good news is that some day you will hear him say something like, "I am getting to old to take the time to do something a pro can do in less than half the time. Worth it to pay a pro. Call the plumber."

Jay T.