Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thanks To All My Readers

Simply said a big Thank You goes out to all my readers. So many people stopped in and left Birthday wishes for me. And while the day did not exactly go as planned, it still turned out to be a nice day.

As a matter of fact the day only got more frustrating. It started out on a rough note and seemed to snowball from there. Towards the end of the day it got really fun. I found myself on my kitchen floor scrubbing spilled paint off my tile. Then my wonderful husband spilled paint on our living room rug. Luckily the kitchen floor and the rug cleaned up well. But it left me exhausted and wanting to sleep. But that was not in the cards. My husband decided to paint our bedroom that night. So I occupied myself by painting the trim in the hallway and living room. If my memory is correct it was almost 4 a.m. before I got to sleep.

But on Saturday I did get breakfast in bed. And I got to sleep in as well. While not as late as I would have liked. But anything is better than being up at 8 a.m. or earlier. But I did get many things accomplished on my last day of vacation. Some minor projects that have been nagging at me for the longest.

So here it is Tuesday and my 3rd day back at work. And it sure has been a real laugh riot. I have forgotten that on full moon days, all of the kooks come out of hiding. Now I understand what doctors, nurses, and police officers mean by the weirdos come out with full moons. I have had more than my fair share of weird people cross my path in the last 3 days. But the good news is that only 2 more days left in the week, and it will be my weekend. And another opportunity to get some work done at home.

Maybe this weekend I will finish painting the trim in my bedroom. Perhaps I will take the kids to the rec center and just relax. But whatever I do, I am gonna do it with a smile on my face. Because life is just too short to not enjoy it.

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