Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Turn To Be Sick

Well today appears to be my day to be sick with the mystery illness. And let me tell you that whatever it is, I wish it would just go away. This mystery illness is running rampant through my house with little to no regard for anyone that it infects.

And let me tell you in between visits to the porcelain God, I got to be waited on hand and foot by my husband and kids. At my beck and call all day long, I know they can't wait for me to be better. But for now, I will relish in while it lasts.

I hate to run.....but I am very sleepy right now. And want nothing more than to curl into a ball and hide under my blankets.


Gem said...

It's been two days already. Hope you're feeling better.

Cashmere said...

Are you feeling better already?
I hope you do.. Get well soon! :)