Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daydreamer On The Loose

Once again I find myself daydreaming away my days. I often slip off into the abyss of my mind. And that is where I find myself now.

With my Birthday quickly approaching, and a stay at home vacation looming on the horizon, I can think of nothing I would like to do more than daydream. I find it so easy to run away in my mind to some far off destination. And the last few days I have picked a great location......Ireland.

I can picture myself standing on the shores looking out into the vast expanse of the sea. Or standing in a field gazing in awe at the beauty of a long ago forgotten castle. Or even doing the adventorous things like traveling to Ireland to kiss the Blarney stone and to have a pint of Guiness.

But it is but a daydream. And like all good daydreams, eventually they must end. And for me it is time to travel back to my reality of kids and laundry. But I think I will leave my mind in Ireland at least long enough for me to kiss the Blarney Stone.


Two Greyhound Town said...

You've been tagged!

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Regina Sunderland said...

Can I come along? I could use a nice long vacation and always loved Castles. Anyway, you have been added to my mid month *15th Feb* List of Blogs Worthy of Mention on my Website http://www.ReginaSunderland.com. Make sure you check it out and thanks for creating such a lovely Blog.

FromThe Creek said...

I can definitely picture myself going there too...probably won't happen but we can dream!

I have an award for you at my blog!