Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Daydreamer On The Loose

Once again I find myself daydreaming away my days. I often slip off into the abyss of my mind. And that is where I find myself now.

With my Birthday quickly approaching, and a stay at home vacation looming on the horizon, I can think of nothing I would like to do more than daydream. I find it so easy to run away in my mind to some far off destination. And the last few days I have picked a great location......Ireland.

I can picture myself standing on the shores looking out into the vast expanse of the sea. Or standing in a field gazing in awe at the beauty of a long ago forgotten castle. Or even doing the adventorous things like traveling to Ireland to kiss the Blarney stone and to have a pint of Guiness.

But it is but a daydream. And like all good daydreams, eventually they must end. And for me it is time to travel back to my reality of kids and laundry. But I think I will leave my mind in Ireland at least long enough for me to kiss the Blarney Stone.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mystery Illness Claims More Victims!!!

Well four more victims have fallen prey to the mystery virus in my house. This time it is the four youngest children in the house. The 16 yr old, the 5 yr old, the 3 yr old and the baby of the house.

In the last 24 hours I have seen a drastic improvement in my health and the decline of the others. I have been barfed on so many times my shirt looks like we have wild birds in the house. And I have had the wonderfully distinct pleasure of changing the nastiest diapers in the world. I have had to wash almost all the sheets and blankets for four beds. And the best part of my day was waking up to find that my daughter had got sick in the middle of the night, then rolled over in it. Then she came and laid down in my bed and spread it all over my bed and her father. Ewwwww how nasty!!

Let me tell you that this particular virus will not be gone quick enough. My husband was even complaining that he was feeling a little under the weather this morning. And Lord knows I hope he does not get sick. Only because he turns into a total bear when he is sick.

Well wish me luck and a speedy recovery for everyone in my house.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Turn To Be Sick

Well today appears to be my day to be sick with the mystery illness. And let me tell you that whatever it is, I wish it would just go away. This mystery illness is running rampant through my house with little to no regard for anyone that it infects.

And let me tell you in between visits to the porcelain God, I got to be waited on hand and foot by my husband and kids. At my beck and call all day long, I know they can't wait for me to be better. But for now, I will relish in while it lasts.

I hate to run.....but I am very sleepy right now. And want nothing more than to curl into a ball and hide under my blankets.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let The Fun Begin

At 214.5 pounds I am ready to embark on another weight loss journey. I joined a weight loss challenge at work today. There is some cash on the line, and I am determined to do better than last years challenge. I have 60 days from today to lose as much as possible.

Let me just say I was mortified today when I stepped on a scale and it said I weighed 214.5 pounds. The last time I weighed this much I was pregnant with my daughter. And here I thought I was doing well since my clothes were getting baggy on me. But I guess I was horribly wrong. Or the scale has something against me and was lying to make me feel fat.

So, now the fun can begin. The usual routine of avoiding foods and eating healthier. And just like last year my biggest downfall is the damn vending machine at work. It beckons to me whenever I am eating my lunch, and then laughs at me when I give in. Although I do find myself sitting on the other end of the break room with my back to the machine. That way the temptation is somehow minimized.

I am going to open up my mind as usual and ask for your help in my journey to a thinner me. So, calling all my fitness fans, give me your best weight loss tips. And I will find a way to work them into my day.

Wish me luck and pray for me to have strength against that damn evil vending machine.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My New Favorite Tv Show

I now have a new favorite tv show called Homeland Security. It just started last week and I am already addicted. I find it fascinating and amusing at the same time. The sheer stupidity of some of the people is just mind boggling. And I also want to stand up and cheer when they catch that one person in a crowd that is smuggling drugs or contraband into our country.

Check it out if you get the chance. It is worthwhile viewing.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Once Again He SavesThe Day

Once again my cousin has saved the day. He not only is my cousin but he is my IT person. If I need it fixed I know I can count on him to help me out.

Well this year has not been a great year. Our laptop crashed earlier this year and it took us forever to save the money to purchase a new hard drive. Well we finally saved enough money to get the computer up and running. And he had it fixed in record time. I was so excited I almost wet myself. Because it means that I will no longer have to wait in line for a turn at the computer.

So, I drove down to where he works yesterday to pick it up. And like a kid with a new toy, I couldn't wait to get it connected to our network so I could surf the net. But as usual luck did not go my way. I did not have the password to connect it to the network and when I did get it, the computer quit working. That's right it quit working after putting in a new hard drive. I was both confused and angry all at the same time.

And it didn't take long for me to figure out what happened....Windows quit working. All I got was a message saying "unmountable boot volume." And no matter what I did it would not work. I got so frustrated I almost took a baseball bat to the darned thing. But common sense took over and I let it live through the night until I could talk to my cousin.

Of course it was not exactly an easy fix to the problem. He talked me through a few simple tasks at first. And when that did not work, he had to take out the big guns. Bless his heart he had to talk me through how to format the hard drive again. All I can say is Thank God it worked, because my next step was to kill it using a baseball bat.

Now I asked my cousin for a picture of him to add to my blog so I could do a proper posting to thank him. And being the great man he is h obliged me. He took this picture shortly after we fixed the laptop this morning and uploaded it to his computer. And this is what I got.

Click Here to See My Cousin Michael

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Upset To The Core

Today was definately not a good day in my life. I have been sort of melancholy all day long today. And I think it all started last night with the conversation about my adopted daughters.

It has been a tiring day though. It got off to a bad start with a phone call from the school nurse at the high school. It seems that my oldest niece had a ear infection that she felt needed urgent attention. So, I had to call off of work so I could her to the hospital. And while I was driving her there her sister called and said she wanted to go home because she had a tummy ache. But I got lucky because I managed to talk her into staying at school. Then my freshly repaired laptop quit working. And all through the day I was somewhat depressed and all I wanted to do was hide. Which is what I am doing now.

That's right, I am hiding. In my own way I am virtually nonexistant tonight. I sit here in the living room of my house, with my mp3 playing my favorite music as loud as it will go, and I am tuned out. Not to worry the kids are in bed and my husband is chilling in front of the tv. And I am feeing really out of it, like I don't belong here. All I can think of is my girls, and where they are now. And how much I would love to wrap my arms around them, and talk to them.

Maybe one day it will come true, and I will get to meet my beautiful girls. In the meantime I guess I will just have to wait patiently and hold onto my dreams.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Sensitive Subject For Me

This evening I was having a discussion with my husband. We were talking about mistakes we had made in our younger years. And the subject came up of some daughters that I had given up for adoption.

I have never forgotten about my girls. One was born in 1991 and the other was born in 1994. I was in a really bad situation and was not able to keep my girls, so I gave them up for adoption. And all these years I often think of what has become of them. Well the question came up tonight of if I would like to meet them. I did not hesitate on this question for the answer is yes. I would love to meet them. But, I do not know if they would like to meet me. And I certainly would not know how to even begin to search for them.

But the subject will soon come to a head in a few months. That is when the oldest girl turns 18 yrs old. And that is the legal age when you can begin to search for them, and they can also search for you. And like I said, I would not even know how to start the search. And if I did find them I wouldn't know what to say. Or how to explain why I did what I did.

It would be nice to hear from other people who have been in my shoes. Either as an adopted child or as a parent that has given up a child for adoption. And to get comments from them about how the situation panned out for them. Please offer up your comments if you have them.

I need to close out this post for now, for I feel myself starting to tear up. I feel the need to go dig out the old pictures of my girls and travel back to another time in my life.....and just get lost in my memories of them.

Monday, January 5, 2009

What Will Break Next

This has been another fun week in my house. The house is falling apart and I am going with it, and it's only Tuesday.

In the last two days, I have had an entire kitchen cabinet start to fall off of the wall and my vacuum died today. The cabinet has started to seperate from the wall, and is dangerously close to falling off and hurting someone. And then today my son showed me that my vacuum is now broken. And of course my response was to hang my head and shake it in a form of disbelief. And I think I muttered the words " what next. What the heck is gonna go wrong next?"

So, I am of the mindset now, that it might just be a good idea for me to disappear. Find a deserted island that noone has ever heard of before, and stay there until my children grow up and move out. YA Right.....wishful thinking on my part. All I can say again is "Calgon Take Me Away" !!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thanks To My Husband

Thanks to my husband for my newest addiction......fresh juice. That's right he bought me a juicer for Christmas and now I am hooked. Everyday as soon as I wake up and when I get home from work, it's the first thing I do, make fresh juice.

I have tried so many combinations my taste buds are watering thinking about it. My favorite so far has been a combination of orange, strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, and pear or apple. I even have to admit that I loved carrot juice mixed with apple juice. It tastes so sweet. And I have been doing some research for other tasty combinations. I think tomorrow night I will try some vegetable mixes.

And as always if any readers have some tasty suggestions please leave a comment. And I will give them a taste.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Woman On A Mission

I keep hearing the music from those action adventure movies in my head. And it makes me feel like i'm chasing after bad guys. I am on a mission.....just not to catch bad guys. I am making a goal for 2009 to monetize my blog and do my best to make it successful. I want to make as much money as possible using my blog.

I have already started taking a few of the necessary steps. I signed up for pay per post last night. And I am looking into more options as we speak. Now grant it that pay per post was not exactly the way I wanted my blog to go in.....but it seems like a good way to make some extra money. So, you have to gice it your all, go for all the gusto, reach for the top and all the other fun phrases.

And as always, I am willing to take all the advice from my readers. If anyone has a suggestion on how to get more from my blog......please feel free to leave that suggestion. I read all my comments, but I do need to work on acknowledging them when they are left.

I am off to go catch the proverbial bad guy......money! Wish me luck, i'm gonna need it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Planning A Romantic Getaway

My husband and I are in the process of planning a getaway for the two of us. It has been almost two years since we took the last real vacation alone. And we are long past due for some time alone. We were trying to brain storm ideas of really cheap vacations we could take. We do know that we want to go somewhere warm. A chance to get away from all the cold weather. But we can't seem to decide where we want to go.

We have come up with a few ideas though. And believe it or not for a minute we were leaning towards a weekend trip to New York. But then we decided we wanted to go somewhere warm. Some of the places we have come up with are Miami, Jacksonville,or Ft. Lauderdale. I must admit I am stuck because I used to live in Jacksonville and wouldn't mind returning for a visit. But I have never been to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale and would love to visit those places. But when I was looking at pricing for hotels and airfare I was shocked at how expensive the trip would be.

So, This is what I am gonna do. I am gonna take suggestions on places to visit from my readers. Just keep in mind that this is a short trip for us and we only have like 4 weeks before we want to leave. Or if you live in any of those cities and know how to make the trip affordable.....give me your suggestion.

Hope to hear from you all soon.