Saturday, December 20, 2008


I have had an incredibly bad week. I lost the only set of keys to our car yesterday. And we only have one key to our car. And the bad part is that we don't know where we could have lost them. My husband and I both worked yesterday and we believe that we lost the keys on the parking lot shuttle. But of course everyone and everywhere we looked no one had any keys.

So today we have to have a locksmith come to us to make a new key. The process takes about 45 minutes and only about $185 dollars. We tried numerous different companies but no one was available to do the job. And then I called the airport police, and they suggested a company. And wouldn't you know I hit the jackpot. Not only were they available, but they came to the house to pick us up. And as I am writing this my husband is at the parking lot with the locksmith getting a new key made.

So, a big Thank You is in order for our men in blue at the airport, they always come through when you need them. And also to the locksmith goes my kudos, Thanks for coming to rescue me when noone else would. And to my husband, THANKS for not killing me.


Dori said...

I'm glad it worked out in the end :)

Lola said...

So happy it worked out for you.

About 5 years ago we were on vacation in Wisconsin and I had the trunk key break in the lock. We were a full state away from home and I had no extra keys with me. To top it off, it was a Sunday.

Fortunately we found a locksmith who would come to the hotel and cut a new key. Our only other option was to break a window since we had a different key that fit the ignition. The price sounds about right. They've pretty much got you, you have no choice.