Saturday, December 13, 2008

Paying It Back

We have had a fun couple of months. Off and on we would have problems with our car not starting. And it always seemed to happen at the worst times. Like when your at the grocery store and you come out and load all the groceries into the car only to find out that it won't start. So you have to go to a stranger and ask for help starting your car. Occassionally you would get a person that would say NO. But mainly people always say yes they will help.

Well this morning as I was running my morning errands, I stopped in a gas station to pick up something to drink. As I pulled into the parking area I noticed two men trying to start their truck. I naturally didn't think much of it as someone was already helping them. So into the store I went to get a hot tea to warm my cold bones. As I was standing in line to pay for my drink a man approached me and asked me if I drove the excursion in the parking lot. I said yes that it belonged to me and he asked me for a jump. Without blinking an eye I said Yes I would help them. After all the times that people have given me a jump it was the least I could do. When I pulled my truck around I couldn't help but notice that the cables they were using were not gonna work. But we hooked them up anyways just to give it a try. Naturally they did not work even after a good five minutes of trying. So, I suggested to my son that we try the cables that I carry in our truck. And wouldn't you know that literally a minute after hooking up my cables his truck started right up. The man said "Thank you", closed his hood and drove away.

So, today was my chance to repay some of the kindness that strangers have shown me. And I must admit that it feels good to do something nice for someone else. And in the tough times that we are living in, everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. And we should all be reaching out in some way to help each other out.

My mission for today: Do something nice for someone else. Even the simplest things sometimes mean alot. So help an elderly person load their groceries into the car, or hold open a door for someone, or donate food to a food bank or shelter. IT doesn't matter what you do, as long as you do something

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Jan said...

Yes, it does feel good to repay acts of kindness. That's why, even though it's always hard to ask for help, we need to remember that people LOVE to help us.