Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Son Has A Girlfriend

My son finally has a girlfriend. But it's my 5 yr old son. He came home from school yesterday and informed us that he now has a girlfriend. My husband was a little shocked at this statement and a little worried too. But, myself, I found it to be cute.

I had to remind my husband to let things be for now. After all it is just another stage of growing up. That first so called puppy love. But you do have to be careful to listen to the things that they say. And to remind them that they are only five. Like my son said he would have to marry this girl because she is his girlfriend. And that is when mom simply said " Don't be in a hurry son, enjoy being young". And he simply responded by saying "O.K." And off to bed he went.

Oh, how quickly our children grow up. I have to remind myself to enjoy every minute of their youth, for they don't stay young forever. So for tonight I think I will just step back and watch my babies be babies. And enjoy the precious joys of their youth.


shydub said...

I think this post is so cute, now he has a gf,then marry the gf, i wonder whats next,maybe find a job at the age of 7. kids really are so funny in their own way.

Mayhem said...

That is soo cute!