Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meeting Celebrities At Work

From time to time I do get to meet a celebrity or two at work. This week I happened to have the pleasure of meeting Lakisha Jones from American Idol. She was a contestant on the 6th season. And since she is from my home state of Michigan I was always voting for her on the show. But sadly she did not win. But, like so many others, she did find a certain amount of fame.

She was so nice and kind. It turns out that she had been in town to sing the National Anthem at the Lions game. Well when I told her I was a fan of hers she gave me a copy of her new single "So Glad I'm Me". I finally got to listen to it tonight, and I am happy to say it was very good.

So, for all the Lakisha fans out there.....check out her myspace page at:

While your there give a listen to her song. And to lakisha...Thanks for the CD it was great.


GAGAY said...

dropping ECard here..hope to see u at mine,, take care!

jodapoet said...

She was one of my favorites on that season. She has such a powerful voice. I don't know why she didn't win. Sometimes those shows are more about popularity then talent.

Mission2Hope said...

Hi love your blog! We are from Detroit and would like to trade buttons with you. Email me at if you would like to be on our blog too.
Bless all of you!