Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Best Mental Vacation Yet

Today is yet another opportunity for me to run away in my mind. And this is the best one yet for me. I am drifting far off into my fantasies. In my fondest childhood fantasies, I am a princess living in a beautiful castle. I wear the most spectacular gowns and have long flowing hair. I wear only the finest of gems and jewelry. And the most handsome men in the land pursue me for marriage.

Wow, what a fantasy land that is. I will still run away in my mind today. As I remember the splendid beauty of the castles of France. I still can vividly see the castles that I toured. The images are burned into my mind. And these are the types of images that I want to stay. As I lazily sauntered through the rooms, it almost felt like I was at home. It felt as if I belonged here. I remember visiting a church in Bescanson, France, and if I close my eyes if feels as if I am still there. It was Easter time. and the church was filled with the most fragrant flowers. And as I stood before the alter, all I saw was gold. It seemed as if the entire church was made from gold. I had never seen so much beauty in my life.

So, forgive me today if I seem lost in never, never land. And if it seems as though I never want to return to my life here in Michigan. But just for today I want to remember the fondest of my childhood memories. So, for today I am a princess living in a castle, waiting for her handsome prince to take her away to a land far away.


Dori said...

What a beautiful mental vacation :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Jard The Great said...

hehe...cant wait to have my own vacation..

Ambrosia said...

I would love to be able to take a mental vaca more often! It's been a looong time, lol. Glad to hear yours was so enjoyable!