Monday, October 13, 2008

Bad Haircuts, Birthday Parties And Wardrobe Malfunctions

The last week has been so much fun. We seemed to go from one extreme to another. It is amazing how life can be so frustrating, and yet so enjoyable all at the same time. But the fun really started on Thursday night.

It started out innocently enough. I got up as usual, dressed the kids, fed them breakfast, showered, and out the door I went to work. It was my Friday, and as usual it is a busy day at the airport. The day seemed to pass by effortlessly. And before I knew it, it was time to go home. And that my friends was the start of my fun. When I got in the car to go home, my husband informed me that our five yr. old son cut his sisters' hair. And of course, I thought no big deal. Little did I know how bad it was until I got home. He had cut all of her hair on one side of her head. And not just a small amount of hair. We're talking her hair was boy short. But yet, he left the one side untouched. It looked like a bad remake of the movie Edward Scissorhands. I was mortified and speechless. I had no other choice but to finish the job. I almost cried when I had to take scissors in hand and finish her haircut. When I asked my son why he cut her hair, his reply was " We were just playing hair shop!!" What's a mom to do.....but laugh!

Then on Saturday we had a birthday party to attend at a popular pizza restaurant. When we showed up the guest of honor hadn't even showed up yet. So, there we were in a place with a million screaming kids, and I had a headache. Just the thing you want when you have a head that feels like it is about to explode. We were patiently waiting for the birthday boy to show up, so I found a table in a semi-quiet part of the restaurant. I was desperately trying to relax while my husband and oldest child played with the kids. Then it happened, I experienced a most embarrassing moment. I broke my bra. The little piece of fabric that holds it all together in the front, broke. So, now I am trying to keep from exposing myself to a million strangers, while politely excusing myself. I asked a few of my husbands cousins if they had a safety pin. But, of course the answer was NO! What's a girl to do? I had to leave and go to the corner drugstore in search of safety pins. Thankfully I had a jacket in the car. Before I put on my coat I whipped off the defective bra and threw it on the seat. While I was searching in vain in the store, it came to me that the longer it took to find the safety pins, the longer I could have peace and quiet. I then took my sweet old time to return.

I did discover when I returned to the pizza place, that there is just no right time or place to do a repair on your bra. Let alone put it back on in a crowded parking lot in broad daylight. But, I resorted to an old trick of mine and managed to get it back on without exposing myself to the world. I was tricked into believing that I had fixed my wardrobe malfunction. Until the safety pin popped. I guess I bought ones that were too small, when I really needed the industrial strength ones. So, I spent the rest of my evening at the party running like a mad woman to the bathroom to fix myself.

The party dragged out for way too long. And when we were finally able to leave, we got suckered into driving children home. I was so relieved to leave that I agreed to take them home just so we could go home. I did have a good weekend, a busy one, but good. I can only say that this weekend I am glad to not have any plans for anything but relaxing.

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Is said...

Life has its ups and downs, same goes to the bra :) no offense yaa