Friday, October 31, 2008

A Beautiful Day

You could not have asked for a better day today. The weather was absolutely fabulous. It hit almost 68 degrees today. Perfect weather for trick or treating with the kids. No coats required. And here in Michigan that is a rare thing.Usually we have to purchase costumes big enough to put heavy coats under. Normally we have snow flying and frigid temperatures. But that just goes to show you how unpredictable the weather can be. I will take this weather any day over snow and freezing rain.

Tomorrow is the day we change our clocks back an hour, and that means that it gets dark very early. And it takes me forever to adjust. I start getting very sleepy at 4 or 5 p.m. And find myself dragging for the rest of the day. And that is rough when you work until 9 or 10 p.m. Spring will not get here quick enough this winter. I so love the warmer months.

Well I guess in the mean time, I will have lots of time to work on my site. Perhaps even have enough time to do a complete make over.

Halloween Pics

Too Cool

While out trick or treating with my kids tonight, I took the greatest photo. It almost looks like it's floating.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Date For Mom And Dad

Tonight my husband and I took the opportunity to take some time out for ourselves. It was date night for us. A rare thing for us lately. It seems as if we are always working our rear ends off day in and day out. And never are able to find the time for each other. Those precious moments when we can sneak away from the kids for a few hours. And spend some much needed quiet time. Of course the kids don't understand how important it is for us to have that time alone. They responded that all we have to do is to go into the bedroom, and lock the door. But little do they know that it doesn't work that way. Staying home never works out the way you plan. There is always something that needs to be done. And your personal time always gets put on the back burner.

I can't wait until the next time that we have a date night. Maybe I can convince my husband to get a hotel room for one night. Maybe we could even go dancing. Or just find a place to be an adult and just hang out. But until then, I must find other opportunities to just steal some quiet time for my husband and I.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Field Trip

Today was a fun day for me. I went with my son's kindergarten class to an apple orchard for the day. It was a day filled with picking apples, hay rides, haunted houses, petting zoos, and putt-putt golf. And of course the usual things like apple cider and powdered donuts. Though it was incredibly windy and chilly day, we had a great time. Can't wait to go again next year.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Bad Haircuts, Birthday Parties And Wardrobe Malfunctions

The last week has been so much fun. We seemed to go from one extreme to another. It is amazing how life can be so frustrating, and yet so enjoyable all at the same time. But the fun really started on Thursday night.

It started out innocently enough. I got up as usual, dressed the kids, fed them breakfast, showered, and out the door I went to work. It was my Friday, and as usual it is a busy day at the airport. The day seemed to pass by effortlessly. And before I knew it, it was time to go home. And that my friends was the start of my fun. When I got in the car to go home, my husband informed me that our five yr. old son cut his sisters' hair. And of course, I thought no big deal. Little did I know how bad it was until I got home. He had cut all of her hair on one side of her head. And not just a small amount of hair. We're talking her hair was boy short. But yet, he left the one side untouched. It looked like a bad remake of the movie Edward Scissorhands. I was mortified and speechless. I had no other choice but to finish the job. I almost cried when I had to take scissors in hand and finish her haircut. When I asked my son why he cut her hair, his reply was " We were just playing hair shop!!" What's a mom to do.....but laugh!

Then on Saturday we had a birthday party to attend at a popular pizza restaurant. When we showed up the guest of honor hadn't even showed up yet. So, there we were in a place with a million screaming kids, and I had a headache. Just the thing you want when you have a head that feels like it is about to explode. We were patiently waiting for the birthday boy to show up, so I found a table in a semi-quiet part of the restaurant. I was desperately trying to relax while my husband and oldest child played with the kids. Then it happened, I experienced a most embarrassing moment. I broke my bra. The little piece of fabric that holds it all together in the front, broke. So, now I am trying to keep from exposing myself to a million strangers, while politely excusing myself. I asked a few of my husbands cousins if they had a safety pin. But, of course the answer was NO! What's a girl to do? I had to leave and go to the corner drugstore in search of safety pins. Thankfully I had a jacket in the car. Before I put on my coat I whipped off the defective bra and threw it on the seat. While I was searching in vain in the store, it came to me that the longer it took to find the safety pins, the longer I could have peace and quiet. I then took my sweet old time to return.

I did discover when I returned to the pizza place, that there is just no right time or place to do a repair on your bra. Let alone put it back on in a crowded parking lot in broad daylight. But, I resorted to an old trick of mine and managed to get it back on without exposing myself to the world. I was tricked into believing that I had fixed my wardrobe malfunction. Until the safety pin popped. I guess I bought ones that were too small, when I really needed the industrial strength ones. So, I spent the rest of my evening at the party running like a mad woman to the bathroom to fix myself.

The party dragged out for way too long. And when we were finally able to leave, we got suckered into driving children home. I was so relieved to leave that I agreed to take them home just so we could go home. I did have a good weekend, a busy one, but good. I can only say that this weekend I am glad to not have any plans for anything but relaxing.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Update On My Injury

Well today was my last appointment with the doctor for my injury that I got at work.
The doctor was surprised at my response when he asked me how I was doing. I replied to his question with one word "FABULOUS". He was puzzled to say none the least. For a person in my state of health I should not be great.

I told him of the changes I have made recently. No coffee, pop, dairy, and limited amounts of junk food. I also told him that I have been taking Glucosamine. And he was surprised when I said I had really been almost 100% pain free for almost 3 weeks now. No pain medication at all. Now, he did agree that the changes will be for the best.

I know I have not mentioned it, but when they did my testing to diagnose why I was still in pain. They discovered that I have severe arthritis in my shoulder and basically no cartilage left. The news was grim for me. The doctor told me that I was looking at a complete shoulder replacement. I was so devastated I cried for days. I asked myself how is this possible. I have had no real symptoms at all. And now I am being told I need a new shoulder. Well I was not willing to accept this without a fight.

So, I started reading up on natural healing and alternative medicine. I know that it is not the cure all for everything, but it wouldn't hurt to try. And I read the book 7 steps to overcoming arthritis by: Gary Null. And in the book he talks a lot about different pain medications and their effect on the body. And the effects of diet on the condition of the body. This is where I found out about the inflammation that occurs from consuming certain foods and beverages. And that certain over the counter medications that we take everyday for pain, actually do more harm than good. And that the one pain medication that I take all the time actually breaks down cartilage. So call me crazy, but I would rather be healthy than sick. And when push came to shove, I made the decision to be healthy.

And much to my dismay my orthopedic doctor actually was encouraging of my decisions as well as being surprised. But my family physician stayed true to her traditional medicine. She was somewhat negative in telling me that there are no medical studies that show the benefits of diet and other things on arthritis. And I am of the mindset right now that of course she is gonna say that. For if every one of her patients turned to alternative medicine to stay healthy the natural way, she would lose money. Will I stop seeing my But, I will strongly consider the other options available to me from now on.

For now, I am incredibly happy with being pain free. And I know that my life will not be the same from now on. I have a different outlook on life. And I plan on trying my hardest to become a healthier individual.

It Takes Courage

I have had a few responses to my post about going cold turkey. One person asked me to post about how I have lost the inches and pounds. Really there is no secret to it. Like I said before, I gave up on eating garbage. And as a result of this action, I am reaping the rewards. And the reward is that my clothes fit better, and I feel so much better physically.

Another person wrote in and said that she did not have the courage to go cold turkey. And all I can say is that it takes courage to make the change. If you don't man up and say enough is enough, and take that first step, then you will never know what it feels like to be successful. I had to make a difficult decision. I could choose to continue poisoning my body with garbage, and sit back and watch my body steadily deteriorate. Or I could take a chance that what I had been reading was right. That if I made the changes quickly and didn't look back, that I would begin to feel so much better. And for me personally, I made the right decision. But, this decision is not for everyone. You have to find the thing that works for you. And once you make that change, don't ever look back. For that is where we begin to fall back into the old habits that got us here in the first place.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Forgot To Mention

In my post last night about going cold turkey, I forgot to mention one huge thing. Don't go cold turkey from coffee and pop unless you are prepared for some heavy withdrawals. I got horrible headaches for 3 days. And that is only because the toxic effects caffeine has on your brain are fading. But, it is a manageable thing. I still have a glass or two of tea everyday. Now I know some people don't like the taste of tea. This is an easy fix. Try adding some lemon or honey to it.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is a lifestyle change, and not a DIET!! This is key folks, because as we all know diets don't work long term. Lifestyle changes do work though.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cold Turkey Part 2

I am absolutely amazed at what has happened to me in the last week. As you probably remember, I went cold turkey from junk foods. I gave up coffee, pop, sugar, and almost all dairy products. I FEEL GREAT!!!! I am shocked at the changes in my figure also. Last week, I could barely button my work pants. Today I not only can button them, but I have about an inch or so extra. And at first I couldn't get my hands into my pockets, now I look like a kid wearing moms pants. They are so baggy, I no longer have a figure. And to think it has only been 8 days since I went cold turkey.

Now, I have to admit that I have cheated. I have my weaknesses. And right now my biggest weakness is chocolate. I have savored a couple of the so called fun size bars. And when I say savored, I mean just that. You pop it into your mouth and just let it melt. My favorites have to be Hershey chocolate bars with almonds.

And for anyone that is in doubt about the changes that occur when you go cold turkey. You don't have to take my word for it, try it for yourself. I sure you will be amazed also.