Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nightmares And Dreams

I am not sure what has been going through my subconcious mind lately. But, I have had some of the most bizarre dreams ever. I am not normally the kind of person that acts out on their dreams. That is until last night.

For the life of me I don't know why I was dreaming I was being attacked. I could feel the attacker put his hand or his arm across my face. And in a moment of fear I reacted and bit my attacker. Then I heard his voice say " You bit me!" And then repeated the phrase " You bit me! Why did you bite me?" I fled the area and once again I felt safe.

Now normally I would be puzzled at the meaning of these types of dreams. But I got the answer this morning when I woke up. My husband was quite upset with me. And I asked him why he was upset, thinking maybe I had forgot to do something. Then he said to me " You bit me last night!" I was shocked that he said that. That is most definately a first for me. Never,that I can recall have I actually carried out an action from a dream. And all I could say was I was sorry. But then I said I was having a nightmare.

In some twisted way I am able to find some humor in it. However, I am pretty certain that my husband did not find it funny at all. Hopefully tonight I will get a very restful nights sleep.

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