Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Insanity Update

Yes, we made it through yet another summer in my house. The kids are back in school and really showing interest in doing different activities this year. My youngest son is thrilled to death about going to kindergarten. And I am thrilled to finally have my garage door at least hanging right. And once again there is peace and quiet in my home at night. I hope the insanity is coming to an end for awhile. I know it will never completely go away, but at least it is a break from the norm.

I can't tell you how happy I am that my nieces and nephew are showing interest in participating in school activities this year. They are already talking about homecoming and how much they want to go to the dance. I remember last year they were so depressed about not attending their old school, we couldn't get them to do anything. No dances, no football or basketball games, nothing. So this year I get the feeling that they feel like they belong here now.

Then there is my son and kindergarten. The first few days were rough. Mainly because of having to readjust to waking up earlier. Normally my husband and I allow the children to sleep in during school breaks. And this in turn allows us some more time to sleep in also. Now, we just have to wake up an hour or so earlier. And we have worked out a plan so that we don't burn ourselves out. Since there are three adults in the house, we agreed to take turns getting my son to school. That means that only one to two days out of the week does anyone person have to wake up early. It's a foolproof plan. And we agreed that the person that gets up early the next morning, gets to go to sleep a little earlier at night. Of course that means that the remaining two have the responsibility of doing the late shift of house cleaning, laundry, cooking and other prep work for the next day.

But, of course it is still early in the year. And I know things always have a way of going wrong. Let's just hope that they continue to go well, and that everyone has a great year in school.

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