Sunday, September 28, 2008

Going Cold Turkey

I recently gave up some of my true loves in life. Good-bye to my friends coffee, pop, sugar, and junk food. I hate to see you go but I am determined to win the war on the scale.

I also am determined to delay the deterioration of my joints any more. It seems that after years of abuse and neglect, my joints have finally become so diseased that I am facing joint replacement. I am currently pain free, and have every intention of staying that way as long as possible.

I have also done some reading on the connection between diet and disease. And it seems that in many cases like mine, certain foods and medications cause major deterioration of the joint. I have found out that coffee, pop and dairy products all cause inflammation in the joint. The more inflammation the more the joint breaks down. So, as you can see, all the things I have given up can only be for the good.

So far, I am on day number 6 of no coffee, pop, sugar, and minimal dairy products. And my 4th day without pain medication. So far, so good. I haven't had any pain in the joints. Just the nagging spasms in my neck and upper shoulder. And I have to admit that I never dreamed I could live any amount of time without my coffee.

Wish me luck, for it is still early and my days are still as long as ever. And my cravings are almost impossible to shake. And for anyone interested in reading it for yourself, the author is named Gary Null.

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Dori said...

Good luck with you efforts. I used to see Gary Null on public television talking about how eating the right foods can do a reset on your health. I may have to check out his book. :)