Friday, September 19, 2008

Anyone Hungry???

While I was cleaning out my refrigerator tonight, I found the most appetizing item. It is a pot of spaghetti I made on Monday night. I stayed true to my usual routine, and I opened the lid to inspect the contents. And this is what I found....

Click here to see the picture


JC Marie said...

WOW, i've found things like that before in my fridge...Hope it didn't look back at you!!

Kat Olivares said...

Hehe, you can tell this baby to go to the sink and clean up itself :-)

Here at home, we always get this, we nicknamed it "Science Experiment".

"Science Experiment, go to the store and buy me some salt..." etc etc :-)

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Ewww, GROSS! Yuck! I'm glad I don't find stuff like that in my fridge.

Bombchell said...

ewww lol how gross.

when i read it at first i was like, mmmmm, then i clicked the picture lol.

im gonna go down and have some pizza hut pasta cuz of u. lol