Friday, July 25, 2008

The Weight Game

I am playing the weight game again. And I must say I am losing. I was absolutely mortified yesterday when I went to my doctor. As usual, the nurse asked me to step on the scale to check my weight. As I stepped on to the scale, I cringed when I watched the numbers steadily climb. I am now tipping the scale at 207 lbs. And for me, that is a record.

The last time I weighed that much I was pregnant. I have never been over 200 lbs and not pregnant. So now I guess it is time to take a step back and look at my life currently. What about my lifestyle is allowing me to be so overweight. What am I doing wrong? I guess you could say it is all the late night meals, the constant binges on junk food,not exercising,and trying to pretend that I am 21 again,with the metabolism to match. And just letting myself fall into a nasty slump. I suppose it would be easy to say that it is all the stress of daily life getting to me. But, that is the chickens way out. Blame it all on someone or something else. I need to step up and take responsibility for myself and my own actions.

It Is Time To Take Action. I will no longer sit back and be overweight. I am not sure how,but, I have to take control of my life NOW!!! Lord, just give me the strength to beat this awful monkey on my back. And take back my life. So I can fight the never ending fight with the scale.

Now, the question is.....Where Do I Begin???

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Half-an-Acre said...

sigh! i so know how you feel! i'm the same weight right now that I was when I was pregnant with each of mine! its horrible! i use to be tiny - now i'm big, well, not that big, but I was very tiny - its a constant battle in my mind - and I pick at the kids food which is the problem I think!
i really enjoyed your blog so i'm putting you on my blogroll for later readings!