Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation Over??

I spoke to my niece the "BIG D" last night. I asked her if she was having a good time visiting with her mother. Her reply to me was NO!! I kind of snickered for a moment, and then regained my composure. It seems that the children are ready to return home. And after only one week with mom. Even my son is saying he is ready to come home to mom
and dad. But I did expect that. He is after all only four.

I can only imagine the chaos that has taken over my sister-in-laws house. She currently has 7 children in the house with her. Now keep in mind that only four of them live with me. The other three are her grandchildren. I know it sound confusing. But it really is not. And also, keep in mind, that these are the same children that when they visit me, SWING FROM THE CEILING FAN!!! I almost feel sorry for her. Because I know how the chaos can frazzle your nerves very quickly.

So, it seems as though my 3 week vacation is about to be cut short by a week. I guess I can't complain too much. After all I will have had 2 blissful weeks of peace and quiet. And I am feeling like a renewed woman. I guess I will just have to make the best of the coming week. Maybe I will site outside in the quiet every night when I get home from work. Grab a cup of tea and sit out on the deck under the stars, and let my mind wander. Wander far, far away to a quiet island. To let the warm sand squish between my toes while the sun warms my body. I got a daiquiri in my hand, and a handsome cabana boy rubbing suntan oil on my back.

Oops!! I drifted a little too far. Time to return to the land of the frazzled mother. But tonight when my eyes close and I drift off to sleep, the dream will continue. Maybe, I can get the cabana boy to rub my tired feet. Now I know it's only a dream.


mrskin said...

Pictures, Pictures

Michael said...

That's Funny, but so true, Hang in there Tammy.