Monday, July 28, 2008

A Prayer For A Friend

This post is about a very dear friend of our family. His name is Herman. Herman has been a tried and true friend through the years. He is the godfather to our youngest son. And he has been a wonderful listener of my many gripes through the years. Always there when needed to offer a ride when your car is not running, or to just listen to you talk when you have had a bad day.

Well now Herman is very ill. He had a triple bypass operation last week. We visited him in the hospital Friday. He was doing well at that time. But yesterday something went wrong. The hospital staff found him on the floor unresponsive. It took 15 to 20 minutes to revive him. And now they are saying he is brain damaged, and he is on life support. I hate the feeling of helplessness, wanting to help him, but you can't. All I can do is offer up my prayers for him and his family. He just recently celebrated his two year anniversary with his wife.

I know that he is in Gods' hands. And that it is up to God to decide who lives and who must go. But it doesn't make it any easier. In all my 40 yrs on this earth, I still have not learned how to let go, and accept God's will.

All I can do now is close my eyes and say a prayer for his family. And pray that God's will be done.


texas_sweetie said...

that is so sad to hear.I hope that God will decide which He thinks is good for your friend.I say a little prayer for your friend too.

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TentCamper said...

I am very sorry for you and will be thiking of him. My father just had 7 bypases about a month ago. It is very hard on the body...but he is doing ok now.

jitesh said...