Monday, July 14, 2008

Peace At Last

I finally have peace in my house. Even though it is only for a few weeks, I am planning on enjoying every second of it.

The "Big D", "Crazy Marc","Mister K" and the incredible "Miss Z" are on a visit with family. They left on Friday night and won't be back for like 3 weeks. We still have my niece "TT" my daughter "Miss J" and my oldest child here at home. But the biggest chaos makers are not here. I noticed an immediate calm come over the house once everyone was gone. And I noticed a calmer, less stressed out ME! It's amazes me how much more relaxed I am when I am not chasing after what feels like a million kids.

We do have a few plans up our sleeves for the coming weeks. We are gonna try and take advantage of the quiet time to get some things done at home. And we are contemplating a small visit to Canada.

Like I said this is a time for me to enjoy the quiet. I think this Saturday I am gonna do a yard sale in the early day, and go to the pool later on in the evening. Maybe take in a movie with my niece. Whatever I do I will enjoy it to the fullest.

May You Enjoy Every Minute Of Every Day. Live Today Like Tomorrow Will Never Come.

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