Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Finally Over

YES !!! Summer school has finally come to an end. Today was my nieces last day of summer school. I am so happy I could pee my pants. I never thought I would be so happy about school being over with. That means that come tomorrow morning, we get to sleep in. No waking up at the crack of frigging dawn to drive her to school. I can finally turn my alarm clock off tonight.

I must admit,I have gotten very good at driving her to school in my sleep. I nod off at red lights and wake on cue when the light changes to green. I even did something I swore I would never do....I drove her to school in my pajamas. I Just grab the first pair of shoes I find, usually my work shoes, and I throw on the socks I was wearing the night before. And for anyone that knows me they know that means pajamas with black knees socks and black shoes. Then I top it off with one of my husbands shirts. I must admit with the messed up hair that needs to be combed and the clothes, I am the sexiest mom that ever drove a child to school.

T.G.I.F.F. ( Thank God It's Finally Friday )

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