Saturday, July 19, 2008

It Feels Like The Twilight Zone

Last night I was sitting in my living room doing my usual work on the computer, when suddenly the lights went out. With not a cloud in the sky I was puzzled as to why. My husband was sound asleep on the couch behind me. The moment the lights went out he woke up. It seemed like forever that the lights were out. But a minute later they came back on again. As I sat there confused the power suddenly went out again. Only to return a minute later. This cycle happened one more time. In a moment of uncertainty of whether they would go out again, I began to look for flashlights and candles. And in my house that is a huge task. The kids are forever swiping my flashlights and taking the batteries out. After a few minutes my son decided to go outside to investigate the cause of the outage. He rushed back in the house and in a panicked voice told me to come outside. About a block away from us was smoke and the bright light of a fire. And there was the humming noise of a transformer on fire. Out of curiosity we walked the two blocks over to investigate what was going on. The entire neighborhood was abuzz with traffic. Cars everywhere and people wandering aimlessly to see what was the cause. When we got to the scene we discovered it was just a downed power line. And the fire department was already there blocking the road.

I decided to return home and hurriedly finish my work on the computer. I just knew that they would be cutting all power soon to repair the line. When I got home and booted my computer back up, I was disappointed to find that the internet server was also affected by the down line. It is frustrating to not be able to complete a project already in progress, but that is life. I was lucky that they did not cut the power until this morning.

Thank goodness all is back to normal. The power is back on. The internet is working again. And I can once again get my daily fix for my addiction.

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