Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am so discouraged right now. My life is not exactly going the way I planned it. Being deep in debt and struggling to keep my head above water is not helping any. At the end of June I got hurt on the job. Since then I have been on light duty and off light duty, only to be back on light duty again. When you are on light duty it means that you are not allowed to work any overtime. I am currently on light duty again.

As a person swimming in debt, I am in desperate need of overtime hours. It is very hard for me to keep up with my bills without it. Today, I was scheduled to work overtime, I showed up only to be sent home again after a few hours. I guess I should be grateful that I got 2 hours of O.T. So why am I so upset about not getting to work the entire day? I guess it is because I feel as though I am being punished for being hurt on the job. One of my bosses makes me feel as though I am one of those workman comp frauds. You know the people who complain that they hurt their back, then go out and work a construction job. NOT ME!! It is baffling to me that I can raise my arm to a certain level then it hurts, or I can bend my arm at the elbow and put it on top of my head, but I can't straighten it out. I don't get it. Not much I can do about it right now though. Just suck it up and try desperately to make money by other means.

The other issue bothering me is why I am not having any luck with the online stores I created. I have had them out their for a while now. But no luck with anything other than visitors. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe I just need to explore other avenues. Out of the three sites I have, by far, my blog has been the most successful. Drawing so much more traffic than I ever dreamed. Sometimes, I wish that there was a magic wand to wave and "POOF" everything in your life that is in need of repair, is magically fixed.

Maybe one day I will be given the magic wand. Until then I have to hold my head up high, and keep on moving. Because if I stop, I will be consumed by all my worst fears. And life as I know it will cease to exist.


Shiva said...

Sad 4 u.
Sad 4 ur color combination of ur blog.
black doesnt suit on maroon.
I was hardly able to see what u had written..
I has 2 select the text...
Overall a nice blog...

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Meka said...

You have a very detailed blog. I am sorta in the same boat you are in. I hate that you are in debt and your stores arent working like you want them to. Never give up. I am sure that there is something that will help you out a little bit. Feel free to visit my blog and see the free opportunities to make a decent amount of money. Good luck.

Be a Goddess music said...

Found you randomly through link referal... i wish you a turn in your circumstances so that life becomes easier for you all

sam xx

Anonymous said...

Your website was awesome. I loved the video and am sorry to hear about Herman. As for the secondary post, "discouraged" I can help you. I have left a review on link referral. Please message me if you are interested in online opportunity to make extra money at home and I would be happy to provide you further information. No fees and fun. Look forward to hearing from you and visiting with your website again to see what's happening. PS: Re: your online stores.. I would love to correspond with you as I may be able to shed some light for you there as well.
I am not looking for anything in return. I am just glad to be of help.
Lastly, I got hurt at work also. Once I finished light duty and was back full time in my regular position, I got hurt again that day. It is a long story but I know how frustrating it can be. Months and months to heal sucks.
Get back to me anytime. Look forward to hearing from you. Think positive.

Simey said...

I am sorry...however...with your writing skills you could earn $200 a's free to join...I DO NOT gain anything by you joining...look me up on there 'quitesimply'.....I have other ideas on my blog(s)...

The Ring Leader said...

Hey. I know what it's like to be broke. For us it's pay rent or buy food. I'm not joking!

I have done It helped a lot. You can try them. I also make a little money with my blog doing and I also have done a little writing over at Helium.

There's a lot of money to be made, you just have to know where to work. Payu2blog has been saving our butts these past months. $30 is $30. That could be gas or a little bit of food. ; )

I hope things get better. You are not alone. If you ever need help with your weight loss let me know. I'll be glad to help you with encouragement.

Also, I just stopped buying junk. Then they couldn't eat it. The junk I do buy is healthy for them. I trick them into thinking it's junk food.