Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Boy Do I Need A Real Vacation

If ever I needed one it would be now. I am so tired. I Haven't been sleeping well at all this week. Here it is Wednesday, only 3 more days left in my vacation and I have been running non stop everyday. And today is no better. I got to go see the doctor 'bout my shoulder. And we have to pay a visit to my niece in foster care. Then there is all the house work. I need to find a way to get caught up on my laundry. Though I must admit it is hard to do when you only have one good arm.

So, today I am going to run away. If only in my mind. I guess I will run to the mountains today. If only to play on the grassy hillsides. Or hike beside a mountain stream. To close my eyes and breath deeply the intoxicating smell of wildflowers. I think I am going to lie down in the meadow and rest my weary eyes for now. Hopefully,to wake more refreshed and feeling very alive.

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