Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Happens When You Wear Sagging Pants

As a lot of you know I work at a major airport. And you also know how much I hate to see people, ( both men and women ) wearing pants that are so big, they are around their knees.

Well, not too long ago, I was going through security. And the man in front of me was wearing pants that were a sagging. He had to remove his belt, and when he did, his pants fell down around his knees. I giggled to myself, as he bent down to pickup his pants. And much to my dismay, when he did bend over, the fly on his boxers popped open to reveal his winky!!! That's right I saw a total strangers winky. I don't even think he was aware that anyone even noticed. But some things in life you just can't help but notice. And of course, I shared the story with all my coworkers. We naturally had a real good laugh at his expense. I know it is wrong to laugh at others misfortunes. But sometimes I just can't help myself.

And that is just another classic example of why you shouldn't wear sagging pants.

Glad My MRI Is Done

So the MRI is done. All I can say is THANK GOD!!! I am so glad I am not claustrophobic. I did start to feel a little nauseous. I closed my eyes at first, and after what felt like an eternity I opened them. And discovered the reason why a person who is claustrophobic would not be able to do an MRI. The machine is literally a few inches from your face. They strap you onto the bed and tell you that you can't move. Then they put a sandbag onto my hand to hold my arm still. Damn if it didn't make it hurt worse. They said it takes 25 minutes for the test to complete. It seemed like it took forever. I told the technicians when they were done that the noise sounded like a bad sci-fi soundtrack. And the table even vibrates at one point in the test. And I even got to wear a pair of ultra cool foam ear plugs to boot.

We get to go and get our other children tomorrow night. They are about 3 hours north of my house. So, I am glad that gas prices have dropped. It will be nice to have everyone home again. But, after spending a month with their mother, it will be interesting to see how much their behavior has changed. I am dreading having to fight to change bad behavior.

Can't wait to kiss my babies again and tuck them into bed. Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Still Struggling In The Weight Game

Everyday I find it harder and harder to stay afloat in the weight loss game. I am making a little progress though. But, I still have my downfalls.

One of my biggest weaknesses is sweets. I haven't figured out how to beat that demon yet. I am so addicted to it, that I find myself making excuses to justify eating it. I find myself standing in front of the vending machine in the break room, struggling to decide which piece of junk food to eat. Should it be the M&M's or the snickers, or even better yet, the Oreo cookies. Normally it's the M&M's, my favorite. And I think the biggest reason I eat it is out of either boredom, or I am reaching for a comfort food. And chocolate has always been a favorite comfort food.

At least this week I have only indulged in 1 mini bag of popcorn. Another favorite of mine. Especially when I go to the movies. And in that case it is definitely mindless munching. Which as I already have figured out is a dangerous thing for me. I wish there was a way when I am at work to substitute for that strong desire to eat.

And of course, the kids and my husband don't help. The kids remind me everyday that I look as though I am 10 months pregnant. And then they beg me to make them a cake or cookies. Or my absolute favorite, my husband brings a bag of chips to bed with him every night. He eats in his sleep. I have never seen anything like it. Imagine the temptation to eat chips while in bed. The smell of then teasing your tastebuds. Hmmm...can you say tasty. I am hungry already.

Brownies anyone????

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Prayer For A Friend

This post is about a very dear friend of our family. His name is Herman. Herman has been a tried and true friend through the years. He is the godfather to our youngest son. And he has been a wonderful listener of my many gripes through the years. Always there when needed to offer a ride when your car is not running, or to just listen to you talk when you have had a bad day.

Well now Herman is very ill. He had a triple bypass operation last week. We visited him in the hospital Friday. He was doing well at that time. But yesterday something went wrong. The hospital staff found him on the floor unresponsive. It took 15 to 20 minutes to revive him. And now they are saying he is brain damaged, and he is on life support. I hate the feeling of helplessness, wanting to help him, but you can't. All I can do is offer up my prayers for him and his family. He just recently celebrated his two year anniversary with his wife.

I know that he is in Gods' hands. And that it is up to God to decide who lives and who must go. But it doesn't make it any easier. In all my 40 yrs on this earth, I still have not learned how to let go, and accept God's will.

All I can do now is close my eyes and say a prayer for his family. And pray that God's will be done.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I am so discouraged right now. My life is not exactly going the way I planned it. Being deep in debt and struggling to keep my head above water is not helping any. At the end of June I got hurt on the job. Since then I have been on light duty and off light duty, only to be back on light duty again. When you are on light duty it means that you are not allowed to work any overtime. I am currently on light duty again.

As a person swimming in debt, I am in desperate need of overtime hours. It is very hard for me to keep up with my bills without it. Today, I was scheduled to work overtime, I showed up only to be sent home again after a few hours. I guess I should be grateful that I got 2 hours of O.T. So why am I so upset about not getting to work the entire day? I guess it is because I feel as though I am being punished for being hurt on the job. One of my bosses makes me feel as though I am one of those workman comp frauds. You know the people who complain that they hurt their back, then go out and work a construction job. NOT ME!! It is baffling to me that I can raise my arm to a certain level then it hurts, or I can bend my arm at the elbow and put it on top of my head, but I can't straighten it out. I don't get it. Not much I can do about it right now though. Just suck it up and try desperately to make money by other means.

The other issue bothering me is why I am not having any luck with the online stores I created. I have had them out their for a while now. But no luck with anything other than visitors. Maybe it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe I just need to explore other avenues. Out of the three sites I have, by far, my blog has been the most successful. Drawing so much more traffic than I ever dreamed. Sometimes, I wish that there was a magic wand to wave and "POOF" everything in your life that is in need of repair, is magically fixed.

Maybe one day I will be given the magic wand. Until then I have to hold my head up high, and keep on moving. Because if I stop, I will be consumed by all my worst fears. And life as I know it will cease to exist.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Weight Game

I am playing the weight game again. And I must say I am losing. I was absolutely mortified yesterday when I went to my doctor. As usual, the nurse asked me to step on the scale to check my weight. As I stepped on to the scale, I cringed when I watched the numbers steadily climb. I am now tipping the scale at 207 lbs. And for me, that is a record.

The last time I weighed that much I was pregnant. I have never been over 200 lbs and not pregnant. So now I guess it is time to take a step back and look at my life currently. What about my lifestyle is allowing me to be so overweight. What am I doing wrong? I guess you could say it is all the late night meals, the constant binges on junk food,not exercising,and trying to pretend that I am 21 again,with the metabolism to match. And just letting myself fall into a nasty slump. I suppose it would be easy to say that it is all the stress of daily life getting to me. But, that is the chickens way out. Blame it all on someone or something else. I need to step up and take responsibility for myself and my own actions.

It Is Time To Take Action. I will no longer sit back and be overweight. I am not sure how,but, I have to take control of my life NOW!!! Lord, just give me the strength to beat this awful monkey on my back. And take back my life. So I can fight the never ending fight with the scale.

Now, the question is.....Where Do I Begin???

Thursday, July 24, 2008

It's Finally Over

YES !!! Summer school has finally come to an end. Today was my nieces last day of summer school. I am so happy I could pee my pants. I never thought I would be so happy about school being over with. That means that come tomorrow morning, we get to sleep in. No waking up at the crack of frigging dawn to drive her to school. I can finally turn my alarm clock off tonight.

I must admit,I have gotten very good at driving her to school in my sleep. I nod off at red lights and wake on cue when the light changes to green. I even did something I swore I would never do....I drove her to school in my pajamas. I Just grab the first pair of shoes I find, usually my work shoes, and I throw on the socks I was wearing the night before. And for anyone that knows me they know that means pajamas with black knees socks and black shoes. Then I top it off with one of my husbands shirts. I must admit with the messed up hair that needs to be combed and the clothes, I am the sexiest mom that ever drove a child to school.

T.G.I.F.F. ( Thank God It's Finally Friday )

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vacation Over??

I spoke to my niece the "BIG D" last night. I asked her if she was having a good time visiting with her mother. Her reply to me was NO!! I kind of snickered for a moment, and then regained my composure. It seems that the children are ready to return home. And after only one week with mom. Even my son is saying he is ready to come home to mom
and dad. But I did expect that. He is after all only four.

I can only imagine the chaos that has taken over my sister-in-laws house. She currently has 7 children in the house with her. Now keep in mind that only four of them live with me. The other three are her grandchildren. I know it sound confusing. But it really is not. And also, keep in mind, that these are the same children that when they visit me, SWING FROM THE CEILING FAN!!! I almost feel sorry for her. Because I know how the chaos can frazzle your nerves very quickly.

So, it seems as though my 3 week vacation is about to be cut short by a week. I guess I can't complain too much. After all I will have had 2 blissful weeks of peace and quiet. And I am feeling like a renewed woman. I guess I will just have to make the best of the coming week. Maybe I will site outside in the quiet every night when I get home from work. Grab a cup of tea and sit out on the deck under the stars, and let my mind wander. Wander far, far away to a quiet island. To let the warm sand squish between my toes while the sun warms my body. I got a daiquiri in my hand, and a handsome cabana boy rubbing suntan oil on my back.

Oops!! I drifted a little too far. Time to return to the land of the frazzled mother. But tonight when my eyes close and I drift off to sleep, the dream will continue. Maybe, I can get the cabana boy to rub my tired feet. Now I know it's only a dream.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

She Dressed Herself Again !

Can you tell my daughter is at it again. She come walking out of her room dressed like this. I couldn't help but grab my camera and take the picture. I am still trying to figure out what kind of fashion statement this is !!!

It Feels Like The Twilight Zone

Last night I was sitting in my living room doing my usual work on the computer, when suddenly the lights went out. With not a cloud in the sky I was puzzled as to why. My husband was sound asleep on the couch behind me. The moment the lights went out he woke up. It seemed like forever that the lights were out. But a minute later they came back on again. As I sat there confused the power suddenly went out again. Only to return a minute later. This cycle happened one more time. In a moment of uncertainty of whether they would go out again, I began to look for flashlights and candles. And in my house that is a huge task. The kids are forever swiping my flashlights and taking the batteries out. After a few minutes my son decided to go outside to investigate the cause of the outage. He rushed back in the house and in a panicked voice told me to come outside. About a block away from us was smoke and the bright light of a fire. And there was the humming noise of a transformer on fire. Out of curiosity we walked the two blocks over to investigate what was going on. The entire neighborhood was abuzz with traffic. Cars everywhere and people wandering aimlessly to see what was the cause. When we got to the scene we discovered it was just a downed power line. And the fire department was already there blocking the road.

I decided to return home and hurriedly finish my work on the computer. I just knew that they would be cutting all power soon to repair the line. When I got home and booted my computer back up, I was disappointed to find that the internet server was also affected by the down line. It is frustrating to not be able to complete a project already in progress, but that is life. I was lucky that they did not cut the power until this morning.

Thank goodness all is back to normal. The power is back on. The internet is working again. And I can once again get my daily fix for my addiction.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mental Vacation # 6

I am off to the Grand Canyon this time. I want to ride the river, or ride a mule to the bottom. Or even hike to the bottom myself. I really just want to stand on the edge and look out over the vast expanse of the canyon, and stare in awe and wonder at the wonderful work of art that God has made.

This would have to be a family vacation. I can just see the entire family at the Canyon, after spending days in a car driving across the country. Only to hear, " Is this what you brought us here for, we could have went to Disney World!!" Yep, that would be my family at the Grand Canyon.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Peace At Last

I finally have peace in my house. Even though it is only for a few weeks, I am planning on enjoying every second of it.

The "Big D", "Crazy Marc","Mister K" and the incredible "Miss Z" are on a visit with family. They left on Friday night and won't be back for like 3 weeks. We still have my niece "TT" my daughter "Miss J" and my oldest child here at home. But the biggest chaos makers are not here. I noticed an immediate calm come over the house once everyone was gone. And I noticed a calmer, less stressed out ME! It's amazes me how much more relaxed I am when I am not chasing after what feels like a million kids.

We do have a few plans up our sleeves for the coming weeks. We are gonna try and take advantage of the quiet time to get some things done at home. And we are contemplating a small visit to Canada.

Like I said this is a time for me to enjoy the quiet. I think this Saturday I am gonna do a yard sale in the early day, and go to the pool later on in the evening. Maybe take in a movie with my niece. Whatever I do I will enjoy it to the fullest.

May You Enjoy Every Minute Of Every Day. Live Today Like Tomorrow Will Never Come.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thanks Doc!!

I have to say a big Thank You to my doctor for the wonderful pain medication they gave me last week. Not only does it relieve my pain in the best possible way, it puts me into a coma also. I must have become a big Wuss, because I am only taking 600mg Motrin every 6 hours. I was at work yesterday, and was very uncomfortable, so I took a pill. Then a few hours later I was fighting going comatose. It took all the strength I had not to fall asleep until I could get into the car to go home. All I can say is Thank God my husband was driving. I was sound asleep before I even hit the bed. And I slept all the way until 7:30 this morning. I haven't slept like that in like 20 yrs.

So my goal for today is to not take any pain medication until at least the end of the day. I hope I can hold out that long.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Mental Vacation # 5

This week I am off to our national parks. Maybe it will be Yellowstone or Yosemite. Or even Shenandoah. The options are endless. But I can't think of a better way to see this land of ours. Than to be off on a wonderful never ending Mental Vacation.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Day Spent Cutting Up 2

A few days ago, a woman that I work with suggested that we bring the kids down to visit her. Sandrose wanted to take us to a dairy and to the firehouse where she volunteers. We agreed that it would be a wonderful opportunity to get out of the house and have fun. So, off we went.

We went to the dairy first. Where the kids got a chance to see some livestock up close. The kids laughed and had a good time. Although the smell were familiar to me and my husband. It took some convincing to get the kids to understand that a farm is supposed to smell like that. Of course it was a new experience for me when my friend stuck my thumb into a calf's mouth and let it suck my thumb. I laughed so hard I almost peed myself.

Then off to the firehouse we went. Where Sandrose showed us different features of the trucks. Then let us try on her gear. I couldn't control my laughter when my husband put on her helmet and coat. He's 6'5" and she is about 5'9". He looked like he was playing dress up with baby clothes.

We finished off the day with ice cream. And of course everyone was so tired they fell asleep in the car on the way home. I enjoyed myself. And I enjoyed watching the kids have fun. A big thank you to Sandrose for letting the kids play with her gear and taking us out of the city and into the country even if it was just for a hour or two.

Today is the 4th of July. I get a day off from cooking in the kitchen. We have a bar b que and a birthday party to go to today. And then tonight it is our annual pilgrimage to a park in our community to watch the fireworks. That tradition started 6 years ago when my husband and I were dating. We sat under the fireworks and kissed. It was so romantic. Now when we go it's not so much about kissing as it is about chasing after kids. But we still manage to sneak in a kiss or two here and there.

Enjoy your holiday today. Enjoy spending time with your family today. And laugh like you have never laughed before.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Boy Do I Need A Real Vacation

If ever I needed one it would be now. I am so tired. I Haven't been sleeping well at all this week. Here it is Wednesday, only 3 more days left in my vacation and I have been running non stop everyday. And today is no better. I got to go see the doctor 'bout my shoulder. And we have to pay a visit to my niece in foster care. Then there is all the house work. I need to find a way to get caught up on my laundry. Though I must admit it is hard to do when you only have one good arm.

So, today I am going to run away. If only in my mind. I guess I will run to the mountains today. If only to play on the grassy hillsides. Or hike beside a mountain stream. To close my eyes and breath deeply the intoxicating smell of wildflowers. I think I am going to lie down in the meadow and rest my weary eyes for now. Hopefully,to wake more refreshed and feeling very alive.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Am Done

I have finally reached my breaking point. I can not enjoy my vacation at all. Once again my husband has invited his hooligan, sagging pants wearin, back talking, f*** you I do what I want to do attitude nephews to spend a week with us. The yard looks like the house is abandoned. Trash everywhere in their room. They are systematically destroying my home. I am strongly thinking of leaving for a day or two and leaving my husband to fix things. I just can't do it right now. I WANT MY HOUSE BACK !!!!!