Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Vacation..... What's That???

I was remembering my younger days yesterday. The summers spent at the cottage or summer camp. The long days spent at the lake. Or even spending the entire day outside playing with friends. I asked myself the question, why as adults are we not able to take the entire summer off from life and just be a kid again? Would I even want to?

Well, I guess you could say that in my house I would be happy with just a summer of being able to sleep in. But, with seven kids and a full time job, there's about a slim to none chance of that. My husband and I are supposed to be able to sleep in all next week, since we are on vacation. But, we have to take turns chauffeuring my niece "Ms. TT" to summer school. You would think that summer school would mean classes start late...Nope. Classes are still at the crack of dawn. So, there goes my summer vacation. At least my husband and I agree to take turns to get up and take her to class. That's at least a little break.

So, ask yourself today.... What are my best memories of childhood. And then drift off into La La land and just be a kid again.

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