Friday, June 27, 2008

So Disappointed

I am so disappointed in my oldest child today. Being that he is my oldest son, I have grown to depend on him to always do the things I ask. I have never worried about whether or not he has done something.

Well yesterday that changed. It was his day off from his job. He was at home all day with nothing to do. So, I made him out a little honey do list if you will. Nothing difficult or time consuming, just simple things. And I left and went to work. When I returned from work I found that not only was the list not completed, but the house was a mess. I have come to expect this kind of thing from my nieces and nephew, but not my son. I was so ticked off at him. I ranted and raved for about an hour. Just venting all of my frustration. And my husband so wisely kept his mouth shut and let me go.

As it turns out, he decided to stay up all night the night before and then sleep all day. Now, this does not bother me in the least. Hell some days I like to stay up all night. But I also know that I have responsibilities that have to be done. I can't just blow off my job at home because I made that kind of decision. And it is his thinking that bothers me. I guess I have to remind him everyday of the need to fulfill his responsibilities at home.

So,today is supposed to be my day off from my job. But as usual I am working overtime again today. I only have to work another two more days and then I am on vacation. If you want to call it that. I still have a ton of work to get caught up on here at home. At least I can get a little more sleep than usual.

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