Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Just Want Peace And Quiet

Once again we have had a house full of kids all week long. We have had four additional kids staying with us since Sunday. I have worked everyday since. I come home exhausted every night to a house that is messed up. All I want is to come home to a clean house, but the end result is always the same. Tonight when we got home, I discovered that someone had been swinging off of the ceiling fan in the kids room again. I couldn't believe it. It looked like a house party had gone terribly wrong. I don't think that it is too much to ask that I come home to a quiet, peaceful and clean house. But instead it's always a certifiable disaster area.

All I want is to come home from work one night to find dinner cooked, the house clean, and everyone in bed asleep. Ya right. Like that is gonna happen. I only have 16 more blissful years until my youngest child turns 18, and I can once again reclaim my house. That is if I make it that long.

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