Friday, May 9, 2008

Sagging Pants Again!!!

The saga of the sagging pants has reared it's ugly head again. Only this time it's not my nephew......It's ME !!! It was not intentional by any means. I guess I have lost enough weight that my jeans no longer stay up.

I was in Wal-Mart tonight doing some shopping and every 2 minutes I had to pull my jeans up. It was rather embarrassing to have my 4yr old son tell me to pull my pants up. Although it was a bit embarrassing, I guess I can't complain. After all not too long ago I did commit myself to losing weight. So, it's working. Now I just have to try and figure out how to get some new clothes out of it for me!!!

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CHARIS said...

I'm not at all surprised to hear that you're losing weight. I'm so sorry to hear that your marriage is not working well. And taking care of 7 kids! Wow, you have so much on your plate! I'm so amazed by you!! You need some support, please consider it. Would you and your husband consider marriage counseling as a final option? There is nothing to lose. Take care.