Monday, May 12, 2008

Nasty Comments

I belong to a site called Linkreferral. It is a place to promote your website. And to get feedback on your site. For the most part it has been nothing but positive feedback. But, lately it has been nothing but very nasty comments. And I thought it was time to address those comments.

First let me say, I have never said that I had the greatest site. I thought I made it clear in my first post that I was new to this. I have no experience at website design, or HTML or anything else like that. Everything that I have on my site, I have had to struggle to learn how to put it there. But at least I am trying to learn new things everyday with what little precious spare time I do have. And this was never meant to be anything other than a place to express myself. I am not doing this to have the most pimped out site, or the best designs. And I make no apologies to those that find it boring or plain. If you don't like it than leave!!!

And for those of you that can not read the profile, I do not have 9 children, I have 7 children. And I only have given birth to 3 of the children. So, yes, that means that we are raising children that belong to my sister-in-law. But, we raise them as our own. And that means that I call them my children. And I have only been married for less than 2 years. Not the 18 yrs that some folks seem to read.

Now for those folks that do enjoy reading my site. I am sorry that you had to be subjected to such negativity. Thank you for taking the time each day to follow the drama in my life. I do hope you will be back to continue to return each day, to follow the saga of what life is like in this crazy family of 9.

Good night and I wish you a wonderful day tomorrow.


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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know, I am one of the people who found your blog because of blog catalog. I gave you a very simplistic review with no criticism at all. I also just added you to my favorites list.

If you are interested I would love to trade links with you. I have a blog from the other side of the spectrum, The single father. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Okay I am a bit nuts... I found your blog because of link referral not blog catalog! (sorry I am on one to many sites at the same time)

Corrosion Explosion said...

I am beginning to enjoy your site. I am beginning to understand what it is all about.

Thank You for this wonderful insight into your motherhood.

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Kloggers said...

Hello - You have given me a lovely blog review through Linkreferral - so I wanted to pay a visit to your blog. I love visiting people's blogs and reading though their posts and would like to say yours is very interesting. I found Linkreferral through Entrecard. You can get hundreds of visits via their community each day.
You must have a really busy life with so many to look after so I applaud you - with my very best wishes.

Shantharam Shenoy K said...

well to start with your blog is really very good and for a new comer this is really awesome..i just love the colour combinations and brilliant designs. i am also a new blogger and also customized my blog..please check it whenever you get time..

Connie Glutyk said...

Hi: Your site is fun and interesting to hear how your days go raising all those children. And it is really good of you to raise another family members children. My God Bless You...


isma said...

Don't worry about nasty comments. My son is a proffessional webmaster and I do know about websites a little. Your site is beautiful and wonderful and acctually a site I love to browse .. lol... All the best and thank you for your lovely review.