Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life Is About Change

By now you probably notice the drastic changes to my site. At least I think the changes are obvious. I do hope that you all find the changes to be a pleasant change from the norm. I know that I find the page to be far more colorful.

Another crazy weekend. And a very short one at that. I worked the last seven days, so today is my only day off. And as usual it was a non stop kind of day. Once again we have extra kids in the house. Last night we had not only my other sister-in-laws kids, but my sisters two daughters. That means we had a total of 10 kids this weekend. At least this weekend no kids were swinging from the ceiling fan. For the life of me I don't know how we do it. But my home has kind of become a home for wayward children. At least that is what it feels like. My sisters kids left today and the other two leave in the morning. So, when I return from work it should be fairly quiet in the house. And then on Monday evening my daughter returns from her trip. It will be so nice to see my baby girl again.

I finally broke down today and bought myself another camera. It has been almost a year since my other one got broken. So, I have been snapping pictures like crazy this evening. And I have included some of those pictures here.


Nadine said...

Great design! Good job!

Pamela said...

Just wanted to let you know the site looks awesome. You have a beautiful blended family.