Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Like Happy Babies!!!

My husband and I solved a mystery yesterday. The mystery was why my baby niece "Ms. Z" has been drinking bottles that looked like water with a little formula added to it. And why she was sucking down bottles at olympic setting paces.

So, we confronted her mama and asked her to show me how she makes bottles up. It turns out she would put 1 scoop of formula in the bottle and fill it all the way up with water. It was basically an 8 oz bottle with 1 scoop of formula. She said she didn't know there was directions on the can of formula. HUH??? I suggested that she start by making 4 oz bottles up to feed to her. And my niece "TT" told me that the small bottles don't fill her up. Well hell the 8 oz. bottles weren't filling her up either.

Well this morning "Ms. Z" is drinking 8 oz. bottles made the right way. And much to my pleasure she has drank 4 oz. of an 8 oz. bottle and she is content and sound asleep. No olympic setting paces this morning. Maybe now we will start to see less fussiness and a much happier, healthier baby. I like happy babies, it means more sleep for me!!! I can't wait for tomorrow now, sleepy land here I come.

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Nadine said...

LOL, sorry I know its not funny. The first time I tried to save money using the powdered stuff, I didn't like how it came out. By the second kid, as long as it satisfied him I was satisfied. Maybe I made the first kid's formula wrong too?