Sunday, April 20, 2008

What A Fast Weekend

My how quickly the weekend flew by. Here it is almost Monday and I don't know where time going. Maybe it's because the days all seem to blur together. It seems like no sooner does one day end than another one begins.

Well, all has been well here in the land of many children. The strike seems to be working. And I think the kids are finally starting to get the message that I mean business. Although it is difficult for me to not kill myself trying to stay on top of everything. I am starting to find a certain peace in taking time out to do things for myself. Heck yesterday I was out of bed before anyone else so I took advantage of it and went errand running alone. That's right, not another person with me. I got to listen to what I wanted on the radio, and I had no screaming, whining children to deal with. I need to do that more often. Life was great yesterday. And the wedding that my husband took me to, allowed me to get out of my monkey suit of a uniform that I live in, and actually put on a nice dress and feel like an attractive woman again. That made me feel almost as good as running errands alone. LOL

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