Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Vacation...... Ya Right

So here it is the second day of my vacation, and I hve not had too much of a break. I have been non stop moving since it started on Tuesday. But the fun really started when I decided to run errands with three children under the age of five.

Tuesday started off like any other normal day in my house. I took my husband to work, returned home picked up the kids and took my oldest child to work. Then I decided to run my errands, why I did not wait until the kids returned from school is beyond my comprehension. I stopped off at my companies office to take care of some business. That was loads of fun, keeping my eye on all 3 kids was almost more than I could do. Then it was off to the bank to make a deposit and ask questions about an account. That was mistake number 2. The oldest children were everywhere. I remember at one point putting the baby down and running after my wild children as they bolted for the door. Of course everywhere I went I got the question about how old my baby was. To which I quickly replied, my grandniece is 2 months old thank you for asking. Then it was a stop at the local gas station to put gas in the truck. Oh Lord why did I venture down the candy aisle by mistake. My kids instantly turned into octopi, as little hands grabbed at all the sweet treats before them. I must have looked like a crazy woman as I repeated over and over again the phrase " come here, don't touch, hold your sisters hand, stay with me." So after filling the truck with gas it was off to the cleaners to drop off a coat for repair. Again this seemed like the most monumental task ever put before me. But the I saved the best for last. The dreaded grocery store. On the drive there the baby started crying. I didn't think anything more of it when she quieted down. At the store I grabbed a special cart made for large families like ours. It has a bench seat attached to the back of the cart. So I strapped my kids in and put the baby in the seat of the cart and away we went. Of course I did not realize the mistake I made until it was too late. As we go through the aisles I have to be careful to park the cart in the middle of the aisle lest my children be within arms reach of anything eye catching on the shelves. Again I look like a crazy woman repeating the same phrases over and over again, " don't touch, put that down, sit down." About 5 minutes before we left the store the baby starts wailing. Now I am madly looking for her bottle or her pacifier, to which I can not find either one. This is my major mistake, I have nothing to quiet her with. And much to my suprise as I make my way to the cash register people move willingly out of my way. And are suddenly very willing to let me go in front of them in line. Maybe it' the possessed look on my face or the constant repeated don't touch, or the screaming baby. As I am putting my items on the belt I failed to see my 4 yr old pick up a toy and stick it in his pocket. I really looked crazy as i juggled trying to soothe a crying baby, paying for my items, and talking to the monsters sitting on the bench seat. That's when it dawns on my......check the babies booty. Sure enough she has done the dirty deed, and is making it known that she is not happy about it. GREAT!!! Now I have to change a baby, this is not cool. I had to ask a store employee to watch my cart as I grabbed all three children and made a beeline for the bathroom. As I am changing the baby, I notice my son has a toy that he didn't have before and it's still in the packaging. I did the only thing that came to mind, I took it from him and placed it on a shelf. Only to have the employee that was cleaning the bathroom if he paid for it. Wonderful, now I am really ticked off, I must really look like the worst parent on earth. But thank heaven that was my last stop. I had to load up the car one last time, and off we went home. I was so happy to be home, I unloaded everything, gave instructions to the older kids to leave me alone for awhile and hid in my room and went to sleep. Ahhh sweet nap, I can't remember the last time I was able to take a nap in the middle of the day, it was pure bliss!!!

So, did I learn my lesson that I am not a supermom.... Boy I sure hope so. And that certain things need to be left up to the pros, the moms with twins and other multiples. This is where I say that my hat goes off to all of the moms who have multiples. You are my heros. Good night to all

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Baby Island said...

Wow, as a mom with 3 year old twins and their 2 year old sister, I have to say Kudos to you lady for even attempting all that! I choose to never leave the house...

Never, really. You should see my minions faces when we do leave and go places, they are stunned and shocked into pure silence and awe. *wink*