Saturday, April 26, 2008

Strange Eating Habits

My youngest children have the strangest eating habits. I have to laugh at them sometimes. I can turn my back and in a flash they are in the fridge helping themselves. Case in point yesterday, I got up yesterday morning and started my usual routine. When I walked into the kitchen I found my two youngest children had been up for a little bit before me, and they were in the fridge helping themselves to breakfast. Now it wasn't your usual breakfast food like cereal. They were eating graham crackers with steak sauce on them. Just doesn't sound like a good combination, but they were tearing it up. And that is just one example. Sometimes I think it's just an attempt to try out their tastebuds.

And speaking of food, I have to comment on a story I was watching on fox channels morning news show yesterday. The story was about a family with four kids and their grocery shopping habits. I was astonished to hear that they spend almost 300.00 dollars a week on food. How outrageous. My family spends about 200.00 every two weeks on food for our family. And I have a hard time dealing with spending that much. The news story showed the mom in the grocery store filling her cart with junk food, and expensive ready to eat meals. Me personally, I can't afford to do that. The secret for me is: 1: shop at discount food stores. 2: Buy food on sale 3: avoid frozen ready to heat and eat meals. I have to buy alot of them to feed my family. and 4: avoid the junkfood unless you can get something you want on sale. And it's really cheap. And the other secret is to make foods that not only feed you for that meal, but leave extra for a leftover dinner day.

So, another lesson learned since we acquired the children last year. Eat affordable food and cook meals that your family will love. Go back to making homemade meals, instead of take out and frozen foods that are nothing but garbage. These things have been key to keeping our heads above water.


Nadine said...

I have a family of four, and we also do the $200 every two weeks, sometimes a bit more. Being married over 20 years, we've never filled our carts with that kind of food. Yes, once in a while (3x a year maybe?) we buy 4 frozen dinners for a lazy Saturday. Some people are just lazy! And, I am LOL at graham crackers with steak sauce *gag*

retchel said...

your right $300 is way too much...

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sandyalne said...

Your post made me smile. I can so relate to what you are saying. I was a stay at home mom and we sure didn't spend money on easy to make items or junk food. We just didn't have it. God Bless

Alexandra said...

Found your blog on Link Referral. I have to agree with kids having strange eating habits! It was a nail-biting day when I found my son eating raw bacon one morning when I got up and telling me how much he loves chicken! I was so sure he would get sick and need to be rushed to the hospital for a stomach pumping from that but he ended up just fine. So I wasn't AS worried when I found my daughter digging into a raw egg. But I still kept a close eye on her the rest of the week...just in case it didn't agree with her. Too bad I can't get them to enjoy GOOD food!