Saturday, April 12, 2008

Peace and Quiet And The Trashed House

AHHHH! My house is once again quiet. All of the children went to isit relatives this weekend. What a joy it is to reclaim my house again. No children to jump on my bed like it's a trampoline, or want to play basketball in the house because it's raining outside. It's a great feeling.

I was talking about how my home has changed since all the kids moved in. My husband and I bought our home a few years ago. We loved in the minute we saw it. It was just the right size for our family of 5. But since we added more to the family I have seen a drastic change to my home. Some of it normal wear and tear, but mostly from people not taking pride in what they have. For example there is only one room in the whole house that has no holes in the walls. This drives me crazy. I can't stand looking at walls with holes in them. And my nephews room is horrible looking. He has blinds on his window. Now becasue of normal wear and tear the blinds were falling apart. So we went to home depot and bought another set and hung them. And less than two weeks later they were all torn and tattered again. This infuriated me. Because we spent hard earned money for the new ones only to have his room return to the same condition. And this does not even begin to cover their disgusting habit of doing a half-ass job cleaning up. I can't stand coming home to a dirty house and opening bedroom doors and finding just pure filth.

I talked a little bit about not having pride with your possessions. I don't know how to instill in them a sense of pride. I get the feeling that they are just feeling hopeless about their lives. Almost like they are trapped and see no way out. I knew that bringing up these kids would not be easy becasue of their history. They grew up in a drug infested neighborhood to addicted parents. And a father who sold drugs. How do you change a lifetime of thinking. And turn around a life and give it a future. This is the answer that I am always searching for. I so want to teach them to be proud of their accomplishments and their belongings. For without a sense of pride what do you really have? Where do you begin to make things better? In June it will be a year that they have been with us, and we have seen some changes in the kids. Performance in school is much better. And they are beginning to understand that it is possible to live life without having it centered around drugs and alcohol. But we still have a long way to go.

Live Everyday Like It Was Your Last. And Have No Regrets.


Anabellster said...

Wow, it sounds like you really have your hands full. :) I hope everything goes well, good luck with all of it!

Pinay Jade said...

It is also my philosophy to live my life to the fullest.As the quote says:
Live like your going to die tomorrow, learn like you are going to live forever.

You seem to have a very fun family life.

Madison Mancinelli said...

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I'll be looking forward to reading more frolicking stories about your family!!!