Monday, April 21, 2008

Nonstop Crying Babies

I have forgotten what it is like to deal with a nonstop crying baby. But I was reminded today of just how stressful it can be. My morning started out like any other Monday morning. 6:30 a.m. baby wakes me up as soon as her mother walks out of the room. I have come to understand that this means I need to pick her up and put her in my bed, put a bottle in her mouth and drift back off to sleep. Or sometimes it's just a matter of a well timed pacifier. Well, this morning none of that worked.

After about an hour of this nonstop crying I reached over and hit my husband and said "It's your turn". And I rolled over and went back to sleep. Though it wasn't a deep sleep since I can still hear that constant cry coming from the other side of the bed. Nothing we were doing was working. Heaven help me I put her swing in the room next to us and shut the door for about 10 minutes. When that didn't work I went and picked her up again, and low and behold what did she do........she let out the biggest belch ever. Boy oh boy, two hours of crying for 1 burp. It's now going on 9 a.m. and she is sound asleep and it's now time for us to start getting ready for work. Oh great, what a nice day today is gonna be. It's hard enough some days to put on a smile at work, but today is gonna be extra hard. I can't wait for my day to be over so I can go to bed and get some sleep. Although I can guarantee my husband will be asleep long before me!!!


Christoff said...

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Nadine said...

You forget how out of practice you are huh? My kids are 20 & 14, and I haven't had a baby around in forever. Poor baby, all of you! lol