Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!

It has been a good day today! The baby fell back asleep pretty quickly this morning, my day at work went quickly, and the weather couldn't have been better. Just a beautiful day. The kind of day that I wish I could have played hookie, and stayed home to hang outside and watch my children play in the yard. But got to work to make money to pay the bills.

And Lord knows that I am grateful that spring is here. Now I can finally kick the children out of the house and tell them to go play outside. No more cabin fever. How nice is that. There is always a downside to it though. Like my son and daughter like to run outside first thing in the morning before they even get dressed. Picture two small children trying to shoot baskets in their underwear. No pajamas, their underwear. And here comes mom yelling " get back in the house and put some clothes on your naked butts." To which they always laugh and run the other direction. There is nothing like a child that thinks it's a game to play chase with mom first thing in the morning. And that is one of the perks of parenthood. The little moments that bring a certain joy and laughter into an otherwise dreary day. And how I love to live for those moments.


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