Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcome to my life.

I am living a wonderful life. I am a mother to 7 children. That's right I said it..... 7 children. Most people call me crazy, but I just laugh at them. Two years ago my life seemed normal enough. Normal that is until I got married.

When I got married I already had three children. My oldest son from my first marriage, and my two children from my new spouse. And then it happened, my world turned upside down. My mother-in-law died 10 days after we got married. And it has been a roller coaster ride ever since.

Less than a month after we married we took in two nieces. This would be a temporary arrangement. They were only with us for 6 weeks, and then the court system sent them to live with their father. Then less than three months after moving away the home they were living in was raided by the police department. It turns out that their father was a drug dealer. My husband and I knew it would be a matter of time before they would be taken by the state from their father. Four months later, under major protest from myself, The girls were back, and they brought a sister and a brother with them. Two months later we were given guardianship of 3 girls and a boy. And if that wasn't bad enough, the oldest of the girls was pregnant.

So, here it is 6 months after getting guardianship. We are now in bankruptcy, stressed out, and our patience has been tested until we reached our breaking point. We now only have 3 girls and 3 boys and a brand new baby girl. Our home is non-stop craziness. From sunrise to sunset the fun never ends.

And that my friends is my story. And what follows is a glimpse into my life. I make no apologies for my posts. I am not a writer, just a wife and mother trying to find my way in this world.


dave said...

Whoa! That is craziness.

My wife gets scared just thinking about having any kids. lol

Hope your weekend goes as good as possible. :-)


Melissa said...

This is a great new blog. I found you on LR and I'm happy that you have found some time (I don't see how) to put your thoughts out for everyone to read.

I must say that your story is a very familiar one for me. When I was in grade-school my best friend inherited four cousins (one of which was pregnant) to her three bedroom home. She already had 2 siblings so that made 10 people. She was so upset because she was used to getting lots of attention and lost of material things and when that came to an abrupt stop I thought she was really going to lose it.

It's been over ten years now, and I think she finally see that what her parents did was the right thing.

I'm marking you as a favorite and will be back to read more about your chaotic life.