Friday, March 7, 2008

Thank God For Fridays

Yes, that's right, Thank God For Fridays. I so live for fridays and saturdays. My days off from my full-time job. My days off are spent chasing after my two youngest children, ages 4 and 2. And catching up on a mountain of laundry. I never in a million dreams imagined how much laundry we would generate. Or even for that matter, how much food we would eat.

So here it is friday, the washer is running, the kids are bouncing off the walls, and I am preparing to cook dinner. I am still debating whether to have tacos or sloppy joes for dinner. Both equally easy to prepare, and meals loaded with fat. But mmmm they taste so good. And at this point in time, those are my only requirements, easy to prepare and tasty.

Tomorrow is going to be heaven in my home. All of the children but one, will be gone overnight for a birthday party at their cousins house. So that means tomorrow night my husband and I will be able to sneak out to the dollar show. To be followed hopefully, by some romantic interlude. Hmmm sounds great. I can't wait


lareine said...

i hope you'll have a peaceful, sunny and stress-free weekend... enjoy!

GailTravel said...

LOL! This was too cute!! TGIF! We mothers must savor those quiet moments at allcost!1 Enjoy the weekend!

Stanley said...

I CANT imagine life if Fridays and Saturday are not like what they are today :)