Friday, March 28, 2008

Slowly Losing IT!!!

O.k. so today was not my best day ever. It started out peaceful and quiet and ended with me feeling like I participated in the Ironman Triathalon. I ran out of patience hours ago. And that is so not like me.

Like I said my day started out fine, I woke up before everyone else, relaxed in bed with a cup of coffee, and got some work done on the computer. Then we had three doctor appointments. The appointments were at noon. And as usual the doctor didn't get see us until after 1 p.m. This would have bothered most people, but I took advantage of the time to catch up on some reading. When the doctor did come in to see us, she kept getting interrupted by phone calls. So, what should have taken less than 1 hour has now stretched out to over 2 hours. And I still have other errands to run. So after completing all of my errands, I returned home to chaos. The house was a mess and the children were running around like wild animals. This is where the irritation begins. Because now I have to reign in out of control kids. You rally the children round the kitchen table, and dole out marching orders. Everyone is given fair warning that work that is not completed will merit everyone a swift and fair punishment. This is usually the reminder that I am not in the mood to play games. And as usual my oldest son, at 18, is acting like a 4 yr old. This is what I had to deal with all day long.

So, here it is almost 1:30 a.m. and I am listening to my daughter screaming at the top of her lungs again. All because she can't sleep in mom and dads bed. I pray that one day soon she will grow out of this phase of her life. Tomorrow my extra 2 children return to their homes to annoy their own parents. And as the routine usually goes, I will tough it out to live through yet another day.

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Petula Wright said...

Whew! Those "extended" appointments drive me crazy! As if our time isn't as important!