Friday, March 21, 2008

My Least Favorite Time Of Year

This is my least favorite time of year. Spring cleaning time. This is when I get to venture out into my garage to start preparing for garage sale season. I was in my garage this morning looking for some clothing articles, and what a mess. Some very generous kind hearted folks have donated so many things to us, clothing, shoes, bikes, and so on that we can't even find anything in there. And that is just the garage. We have even more overflowing closets in my house. And what is truly amazing is that everyone complains that they have no clothes to wear.......I find that almost impossible.

We won't ba able to tackle any of it this weekend since it is snowing, and I have to take everything out of the garage and put it in the driveway. So it will just have to wait for next weekend. So, to occupy my time this morning and to get some alone time, since everyone is home for spring break, I went window shopping. This is where I go into clothing stores, wander aimlessly looking for cute outfits, only to be mortified when I put them on and discover that I am no longer a cute size 12, but, a very large size 18. Now I know most people are saying an 18 isn't that bad, well I beg to differ it is to me. Because I realized that my husband and I wear the same size uniform pants. Now how did that happen? When did my body turn into my mothers body? YUCK!!! I guess it's time to get off of my big butt, and do something about it. I am watching what I eat and trying hard to walk a couple of miles each day. So, with any luck by June, I will be smaller than my husband, and maybe I might be able to wear some cute outfits again

So, off to the kitchen I the hopes that I might find something in my refrigerator that won't make me blow up like a balloon.

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