Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mom and Dad Disagree!!!

O.k. so today was not exactly the greatest day I have had. My husband and I had a argument today. Now mind you we have been under alot of stress lately. Between the bankruptcy, the kids, work, other family members driving us crazy, and not having any free time to spend either alone individually or as a couple, the pressure is finally starting to make us crack.

The conversation started out as a simple discussion about the possibility of my husband going to a midnight shift. I am against it, and he thinks it will be good for us. Next thing I knew we were dredging up all of the other nasty buried issues. Now, I don't like to have these kinds of arguments at home arouund the kids, so we went for a drive. That way the kids don't have to hear all of our dirty laundry. And I am glad we did. It's amazing that we worked through it, when you consider the horribly nasty things that were said.

Well all of my children are at home now, and they brought 2 cousins with them. So for the next several days, I am mom to 9 kids. Do you think I should be considered crazy? I DO!!! Keep me in your thoughts and pray for my sanity.

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